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Electrolysis and Menopause

InteriorDid your grandmother have hair growth on the upper lip? Some women have excess facial hair starting at puberty and hair growth is strongly tied to genetics. So, if Grandma had upper lip hair, you could be prone to it as well. It could show up during puberty, or with a pregnancy, or during the hormonal changes which precede or coincide with menopause. Many women find that they experience unwanted hair growth before and during menopause.

Women can experience hormonal changes related to menopause for up to 10 years before they stop menstruating. These changes can and do vary widely from woman to woman, and can range from hot flashes to hair loss to hair growth. Many women who never had a problem with unwanted facial hair may find as early as their late thirties that they are growing hair on the upper lip or chin hairs due to the normal changes related to menopause.

There are many methods of dealing with this unwanted hair growth, ranging from temporary methods like waxing to shaving to permanent removal with electrolysis.

To see if electrolysis will help you get rid of unwanted menopausal hair, call East Memphis Electrolysis at 901-682-9393.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

East Memphis Electrolysis is professional, discrete and compassionate. Because of their work, I’m no longer ashamed of my excess hair and that has truly changed my life. I would highly recommend them.
Sally R.
Years of experience are expressed in the quality of work. I have light colored hair and laser hair removal was not going to be effective and a waste of money for me. EME has provided me permanent hair removal. For any hair removal needs in the future, I’ll be a returning client.
I had tried laser hair removal and over the counter devices to remove my unwanted facial hair, but none worked for me. Lasering was expensive and if you don’t have dark hair on light skin, it really doesn’t work. I’ve come to here for a couple years now, and I can truly say it’s been effective at stopping my unwanted hair growth.
J. in Midtown